Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 25th: There was a 24 hour contest today on the website using the new Gypsy machine. The rules were: 1. You have 24 hourse to create (from midnight to midnight eastern time). 2. You can only use 3 cartridges - the 2 that come preloaded on them machine and then 1 more of your choice. 3. Be CREATIVE!!!!

I wasn't sure when I woke up this morning if I was going to participate...I didn't really have any ideas, but as the day went on, I finally got an idea! I went to Michael's around 2 to buy supplies, and worked until 9:15...cutting it close because I had to have the instructions typed in and posted by 10. After some trials and tribulations with the website, I finally got it posted. Now, the public gets to vote and the project with the most votes wins a trip to NYC and a $2000 gift card to the new Michael's in NYC!!!!!! I hope I get some votes!!