Saturday, June 8, 2013

1st digital scrapbook page!

June 8, 2013
This is the first digital scrapbook page I did on my own - without a project life template.  I think it turned out ok and am looking forward to doing more in the future!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013

This has been my go-to breakfast this week - Almond Coconut milk and protein powder.  Sometimes I blend it with frozen fruit to make a smoothie, but it tastes great on its own too.

January 16, 2013

I got this treat canister at Home Goods - my new favorite store!  They have everything from towels to furniture.  I think they can have some really good deals and their inventory is always different.


January 15, 2013

Jake was still not eating and continued to vomit last night, so I called the vet and she wanted him to come in and stay for the day.  I took him in and they did xrays, put in an IV and gave him more fluids, gave him some more medicine and tried to get him to eat.  When I picked him up, the vet told me she left the IV in, just in case he needed more fluids tomorrow (thankfully, because I wouldn't have to pay for it again).

January 14, 2013

Jake has not been feeling well since Saturday and has not eaten since then.  He also was not acting like himself - spending a lot of time in the bedroom and not coming out to greet anyone.  I was worried about him, so I took him in to see the vet today.  They weren't sure what was going on, so they got some blood work and gave him some medicine.  They also gave him a bolus of fluid under his skin since I couldn't tell if he was drinking or not.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Digital Project Life Pages

I have finished (at least for now) my first digital Project Life pages.  I'm sure I will want to tweak them here or there as I continue to get new embellishments, but I am happy with the pages so far!

January 13, 2013

This chair is Lexi's perch.  She loves to look out the window and watch the world go by.  She will bark or growl at anyone who she can see (no matter how far away they are) - I think she just likes them to know she's here.  I'm sure there is going to be a day when she is too big to fit up on the back of the chair, but I love that she has found a spot that she loves to be!