Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Estes Pictures

Allison, Jen, and I met up with Janet B. and played golf Friday morning. This was our second year of playing golf....we always have such a great time!

We all went out for dinner on Thursday and had a great time! This is all of us with our waiter Edgar. He was such a great sport.

I could not believe how high the water was...and how fast it was moving.

Trish, Jen, and Linda enjoying some smores!

Debbie and Denise crafting the night away!


Trish and Jen getting ready to make "urban" smores (or bourbon smores as Linda liked to call it!)

A deer that was eating in the backyard

June 10-13th: We were in Estes Park this weekend for our annual scrapbook retreat at the Chisholm cabin. We always have such a great time! This year the weather wasn't so great, so we weren't able to eat out on the porch, or play games outside like we usually do. We still had a fantastic time together though!!