Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 19th: Another fun filled Sunday evening at Grammy and Poppy's house! It was really nice out tonight, so we pulled the slides down and blew some bubbles!

April 18th: Mom was watching the girls so Jen could do homework and at lunch time they were feeding was so cute! Then came bath time and they had a blast together!

April 17th: I love my welcome mat and hope that it lasts a long time. I have had this duck outside my door since I moved in and am glad it's actually still there :)

April 16th: This is what the number outside of my door looks like

April 15th: This is my building number (A) and the condos that are in my building.

April 14th: This is my parking space at my condo. It's not a garage, but it's a carport and it helps to protect my car from the elements!

April 13th: I love this camera case! When I bought this camera, I knew I needed a case so it wouldn't get damaged in my bag. I found this one at Target and love the colors!

April 12th: Happy Easter! We went to my Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob's house in Loveland to celebrate. We "hid" eggs in the front yard for the girls to find...they had a blast!

April 11th: I was very honored to be nominated for Employee of the Year at work this year. There were 250 employees nominated this year (of 3000+ employees) and 25 will win it. I will find out on April 29th if I won this year. This is my invitation to the awards dinner...very clever!

April 9th: This is what the inside of my fridge looks like. I wonder what Rachael Ray would say about it (she looks inside a celebrity's fridge each month in her magazine)!

April 9th: Ugh.....dishes! I ususally only cook once or twice a week and this is what my sink looks like after cooking. Sometimes it stays that way for a few days...I need to get better at doing the dishes right away.

April 8th: Jen came over to watch a show tonight and had brought groceries over to make pizza rolls. This is what I found when I went into the kitchen!

April 7th: I recently went to see this movie with my friend Jenn from work and decided to re-read the book again.

April 6th: The cats know that when I get up in the morning and head out into the kitchen, it is time for their treats. They love these Temptations treats and meow until they get them. Jake will eat any flavor, but Chloe only likes the Turkey ones, so that is what they get.

April 5th: Addy was trying to get into the little play house mom has in her family room and slipped on a pillow and bumped her head on the tv stand...this is what it looked like after..ouch!

April 4th: Mom has these animal and carrot shaped "eggs" that she brought up today from the basement. The girls had a blast!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3rd: I got up early to take my car in to the dealer to get a clear coat applied so i met Jen and Zoe at the Silver Grill (or Grill Sil to Zoe!) for breakfast.

April 2nd: I finally have a sunroof!! I have already tested it out, and I love it. I can't wait until the weather is warm enough to have it open all the time!

April 1st: I think I will use this a lot. It is a coversation mirror so I can see the people in the backseat without having to turn around. This will be very helpful when I have the girls with me!

March 31st: This is a close up view of the air controls...I love exploring my new car!

March 30th: I have never had a Honda before...but I am loving it. This is the emblem on my steering shiny and new.

March 29th: For Sunday dinner this week we celebrated Dad's birthday. I found the noisemakers in one of Mom's drawers and the girls loved them, although they couldn't make them work. Addy really liked the cards, especially the one that Jen and Jared gave Dad because it was a sound card.

March 28th: Addy know where all the snacks are at Grammy and Poppy's house and she loves the Fruit Loops there!

March 26th: Happy 60th birthday Dad! Today I was supposed to go to a class and a meeting, but it snowed with blizzard conditions at some points so they were canceled. This is a picture of my deck that day.
March 25th: I got a new car today!!!! I went to test drive yesterday and after sleeping on it, I bought the car. It is a Honda CRV 2009 and I love it. I am not being a good scrapbooker because I have yet to take a picture of it, but once I do I will post it!

March 24th: I had my leadership meeting this morning for work. We meet monthly for about 3 hours in the morning. I really enjoy the people that are in this group and I think we have a great team.

March 23rd: I love my diet pop. I don't like to buy cans to keep in the house because I could go through 3 or 4 in a day and not drink anything else. I usually will buy a bottle when I am running errands or will stop and pick one up at a fast food place. I have tried to not drink it...but I really do love it (especially Mountain Dew!!)

March 22nd: It was a beautiful day out today and I was able to have the screen door open in the afternoon. The cats love it when they can sit by an open door. This is Chloe looking out at the street..I can't wait for summer when I can open the door more often!

March 21st: The 4H carnival was today at the Ranch. We took Zoe last year, and new we wanted to take her again. Mom and I took her this year and it was sure busy! She was a little shy at first, until she started winning candy..then she wanted to keep playing games. Last year Zoe won a we were given strict instructions from Jen that we were NOT to bring a goldfish home with us. She actually did win one at one game, but we had her pick a piece of candy instead. They had a balloon animal making booth which is where Zoe got this heart hat.

March 20th: I got this paper cut on my palm at work last night...boy did it hurt. I don't think I have ever had one on my palm...I forgot about it until I used some antibacterial gel...ouch!