Thursday, December 24, 2009

Of course, my tree wouldn't be complete without an owl!!

Zoe made this ornament for me...she did a great job!

This one's from Addy!!

My snowmen

Cute santas from Pier One

I inherited this one from my mom!

I found this bird at a store downtown, and couldn't resist..he's so cute!!

I don't have a stocking for myself at my house (it's at my mom and dad's), so I hang this sign on my stocking holder instead. Just a reminder of what the season should be about.

December 24: Wow, it has been a long time since I posted on here. Since it is Christmas Eve, I thought I would post pictures from my decorations around the house!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 25th: There was a 24 hour contest today on the website using the new Gypsy machine. The rules were: 1. You have 24 hourse to create (from midnight to midnight eastern time). 2. You can only use 3 cartridges - the 2 that come preloaded on them machine and then 1 more of your choice. 3. Be CREATIVE!!!!

I wasn't sure when I woke up this morning if I was going to participate...I didn't really have any ideas, but as the day went on, I finally got an idea! I went to Michael's around 2 to buy supplies, and worked until 9:15...cutting it close because I had to have the instructions typed in and posted by 10. After some trials and tribulations with the website, I finally got it posted. Now, the public gets to vote and the project with the most votes wins a trip to NYC and a $2000 gift card to the new Michael's in NYC!!!!!! I hope I get some votes!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Her bunny birthday cake...I made it for her!
So silly!

Her present from Zoe...a crown for a princess

Playing with the bassinet Grammy and Poppy gave her

Playing with the baby Grammy and Poppy got her and the high chair I got for her

Sept 27th: Addy is 2 today...I can't believe it! She loves babies, so she got a lot of baby stuff tonight...a little overwhelming!

In California for his 81st birthday!
Halloween...he won the costume contest at the golf course.

Senior Picture

One of my favorites!

Sept 26th: Today would have been Grandpa Yago's 88th's a tribute!

Sept 24th: Marjie and Mallory are two of the nurse aides/ward clerks that I work with on the evening shift. They must have been a little bored tonight!

Sept 22nd: The whole family went to Mancino's for dinner tonight and Addy was being so silly eating Jen's spaghetti! This is a picture of her looking at mom while she was eating the spaghetti!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All of the kids (Jami and Jen too!)
Zoe and Bela

I love her expression!

What a cutie!!

Sept 20th: Today we celebrated Addy's 2nd birthday and Coleby's 1st birthday with friends at the Spring Canyon Park. It rained for a little bit, but it didn't phase the kids! Addy's actual birthday is next Sunday...I can't believe she is getting so big!

The amazing crowd!

K'naan...a great opening performance

Jason and Bushwalla

Sept 19th: All I have to say is Jason Mraz!!!!! Jen and I went to see him at Red Rocks tonight, and it was AMAZING! The concert was sold out and we had great seats...6th row center! It was unbelievable to look up and see how many people were there. I have seen Jason in concert a lot and I have to say this is the best show so far!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19th: When we got back from Estes and were unloading Jen's stuff at her house, we noticed this beautiful butterfly in her garden...such a beautiful creature!

Game night! We played Catchphrase and Cranium...we always have such a great time!
Busy scrappin!

This hummingbird was so beautiful..and almost flew into the house!!

July 18th: Another fun filled day in Estes Park!

July 17th: We are in Estes Park for our annual scrapbook club "retreat" to the Chisholm's cabin. Jen, Allison and I decided to play golf this year (after talking about it for a few years!). We played at the nine-hole course by Lake Estes and had such a blast. I think this will be tradition from now on!

July 16th: Another breakfast at the Silver Grill with Jen, the girls, and Aunt Patsy. Always so much fun!

July 15th: Addy's babysitter is on vacation, and Mom was watching her today. We decided to go to the flea markets to look around (only made it through 1), and then went to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch. This is Addy messing around during lunch!

July 13th: My favorite place to eat out...Panera! I love the "U pick 2" and usually get half an Asiago Roast Beef sandwich and half a Chicken Cobb yummy! I also like that they have free wireless internet and can sit there as long as I like!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 12th: Zoe and I went to Bath Garden Center to see the "performing pigs!" The crowd wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be (but we were at the last show). Zoe really enjoyed watching the show and was laughing the entire time : )