Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th: I took the plunge recently and got a laptop. I got an HP and it has been great so far...faster than my last computer!! I am planning on going back to school in the fall, so it will be nice to be able to pick up my computer and go!

June 12th: Scrapbook club!! We met this month at Denise's house...and had a great turn out. There were 10 of us there....the largest group in a long time.
In the photo are:
bottom row (l-r): Trish, Debbie, Isla, Jill J, Linda
top row (l-r) Denise, Amy, Donna, Jen, Jill Z, and Allison

June 11th: The moon looked so beautiful tonight as I was driving home from work, so I knew I had to get a picture. I took this from my mailbox.

June 10th: This is what was left at the bottom of the gutters at my house after the last thunderstorm. I'm glad my car was parked under my carport!

June 9th: I made a poster for work today with my is CNA week and we are celebrating Thursday thru Wednesday. All the nurses chipped in and got them a little gift bag of items to help them relax because they work so hard!

June 6th: Our garage sale was a success, and Jen and I went to get pedicures after (my first!) and we saw the movie the Hangover (hilarious!). It was a great, relaxing afternoon.

June 3rd: We set up for our garage sale tonight..the actual garage sale is Saturday, but this was my night off this week, so it was now or never to get set up. It was worth the work tonight, so mom and Jen didn't have to do it alone Friday.

June 1st: This spring has been especially wet for us...which is great because we have had some really dry years. I thought this was an ominous looking sky which we have gotten used to lately!

May 28th: Jen and I went to the hospital to take the TCU staff a thank you card and rice krispie treats for taking such good care of our Grandpa. We stopped into Kohls there to look around and when we came out, there were these two little ducklings walking into the store. It appears they got separated from their mom and there were some good samaritans trying to help them out! They were really cute!

May 25th: Addy loves her apples. We were in Target one day and she started eating the apple before Jen bought it!! She is such a funny girl!

May 24th: Jen and I took the girls to King Soopers today..they love the car cart (and the cookies!) but it looks like they might need their own carts soon!

May 18th: I got these Impatients at Walmart and finally planted them today! They turned out great and I hope I can keep them alive this summer!

May 17th: Jen and I love going to Panera..and so do the girls! Zoe usually gets a piece of bread and today, Addy had a blueberry muffin...that girl likes to eat!!

May 14th: I met Jen at Fort Collins Nursery today on her lunch hour...she is like a kid in a candy store! They have so many neat flowers and plants there...I can't wait to have a yard someday to plant a nice big garden!

May 10th: Mother's Day!! We spent the afternoon and Jen's house with Mom, Dad, Jen, Jared, Zoe, Addy, Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob. We had a great lunch and a great time!

May 9th: Jen and I went to Lowes today and I found this beautiful Fuscia plant...I love the pink and purple flowers!!