Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 5th: We had ice cream sundaes at work for being redesignated as a Magnet facility for nurses. We also got these insulated bags...perfect for a picnic! I am so fortunate to work for such a great hospital!

May 4th: I went to vacuum today and my vacuum would not turn on. I am very frustrated, and just want to vacuum!!!!

May 3rd: This is my recycling system! I have to take it down to the trash enclosure, so I tend to collect it until I have to take it down!

May 2nd: I was able to get a new phone today and got a Blackberry. I still need to play with it and figure out all the things I can do, but so far I really like it!

May 1st: Addy loves her babies...she is very caring with them (most of the time!), and loves to feed them.

April 29th: Tonight was the employee of the year dinner for work. Jen went with was a great time. I wasn't a recipient (although there's another story about that!), but we had so much fun! In the pictures with me are two other nominees: DJ, a ward clerk/CNA on Surgical and Susan, a PA for one of the surgical groups. Susan was one of the recipients, very much deserved.

April 27th: I was in my kitchen this morning and happened to look down and there was a rub-on on my floor. I don't know how it got rubbed on there, but I have a suspicion that the cats had something to do with it!

April 24th: Today we went to Broomfield to the Flatirons Mall. This picture was on the way home...Sleeping Beauties!

April 23rd: We love going to Panera and Zoe always gets a piece of bread. This is her being silly (as always) with the bread!!

April 22nd: I made this cuta album for Zoe's 4th birthday. I got the album at Michaels for $1, and only recently found out that they had paper already cut to the size and shape of the album..oh well, I love the paper I found for it!

April 21st: This is the view that I get when driving home from my Mom and Dad's house. The road had been under construction for a couple of years and finally opened last summer. It is now such an easy, light free drive to get to my parents (and Super Target!).

April 20th: My new car!!! I love it :) I love being up higher when driving and it has more room than my old car.