Monday, September 27, 2010

Addy's birthday

I got Addy this cute Baby Alive was the hit of the party (thanks for the idea Jen!)

Addy got a Foofa doll from Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob

The birthday girl!

Happy 2nd birthday Coleby!

Tucker, Bela, and Kavi enjoying their lunch

Zoe having fun on the playground!

Addy loved this slide

September 26th- Happy 3rd birthday Addy!! Her actual birthday is September 27th, but it fell on a Monday this year, so Jen and Jared had her parties (yes, parties) on the 26th. The first party was a joint birthday party with Coleby at a local park. I can't believe the weather we have been having, it was in the mid-upper 80's! The second party was a Grammy and Poppy's house for the family. It was a long day, but a great one too!

CSU- Ag Day Football Game

Zoe and Jen

Cam the Ram with the Aggie A

The players getting ready to come out on the field

A panorama of the field...look at all that orange!

September 25- Every year CSU has an Ag Day game and an awesome barbecue. The barbecue has different foods that are grown all over Colorado including meats, beans, dairy, potatoes, watermelon and apples. This year was "orange out" at the game. It was a throwback to when CSU was the Colorado A&M Aggies and their colors were orange and green. I couldn't believe how many orange shirts were in the stands. We had a great time, and CSU won their first game this season, ending their twelve game losing streak!!